House rewire

Electrical rewiring in Bolton and Greater Manchester.

Similar principles apply when it comes to making a decision about rewiring a house or commercial premises.

If your fuse blows quite often without any obvious reason, or you have very old electrical accessories (black rubber insulated cables, cast iron single enclosures for fuses, or twisted cord in light pendants) always employ a registered and experienced electrician. They will perform initial free checks and tests on your electrical system, to reassure you as to whether you do or don’t need a rewire.

Rewiring is not a small job and it will take some time. It also is a dusty and noisy job (chasing walls for cables) but a good electrician will keep that to a minimum and will cover all your furniture with dust sheets. I find the best time to do this job is when you go away on your holidays, but I have done many rewires in occupied properties and the owners have never complained.

Finally, after completion you will need to find a plasterer and a painter to finish off the job. You are free to contact your own tradesmen once the rewire is done, but if you wish I can arrange them for you to make life a little easier.

Cost of a rewire depends upon the size of the property and your requirements such as extra sockets, lights or power points. It will vary from £1200.00 for a two bedroom flat to £5000.00 for a four bedroom detached house.

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